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Neighbors Without A Home

Can Homelessness Be 

Homelessness can only be ended by housing those that are unhoused.

 We can support our neighbors without one by providing care packages and making access to resources more accessible. Please feel free to use the resources here to learn more about how to help your neighbors.


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Learning Resources

Number Of Meals Provided By TAP


Last Updated On 1/7/2023

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Confused on how to use or find resources in this site?

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Meet Natasha

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Make Care Packages

Care packages are small packages with essentials that homeless individuals may need. Give care packages by hand and avoid doing it alone.

You can carry small care packages in your bag or backpack. You can carry bigger care packages in your car. You may reuse spare plastic bags to make care packages.

Avoid low-quality items. Be careful with putting clothing in care packages because it is difficult to judge someone's size.

Avoid sticky or hard food, perishable goods, sharp objects, matches, canned goods without pop-top openers, , alcohol, mouth-wash or hand-sanitizer with alcohol, large items, fragrances, 

Essential Ideas

Gloves and socks are important even during the summer because the nights can be quite cold. Unused underwear is a great idea.

Non-perishable food can be kept without a fridge and consumed when needed. Please remember to provide food you WOULD eat and take into account nutritional content. A lot of homeless individuals do not have access to teeth care and may find it difficult to consume sticky or hard foods.

Keep a clean environment

if making home-cooked meals.

Feminine hygiene items are very important, such as pads and tampons.

Hair brushes and hair ties.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Lotions, SPF is very helpful.

Bandages, first-aid kits. Flashlights.

Nail clippers. Multivitamins.

Laundry detergent and quarters are very helpful for homeless individuals to do their laundry!

Baby wipes can help when showers are not accessible.

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Meet Amber

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What are homeless sweeps?

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