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About TAP

who made this?

Pialli! Thanks for checking this out.

My name is Paola Amador, I'm the proud creator

of The Amador Project, currently age 17.

I began working on this project when I was 12. 

I decided to start The Amador Project as a way

to give others the digital resources they might need

and give the opportunity to some to use their skills in the comfort of their own space with the goal of helping somebody else virtually. All with the intention of caring for each other and spreading kindness. It has now grown into a small effort to help our local community.

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What do we do?

All of the services are free.

We are not for profit, and we will keep it this way.

Awareness Chats

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Every Saturday, a chat is held. The chats are held online through HABBO and can be accessed on a mobile device or desktop. For any questions chat with me through the site!

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A Small Effort For Our Community

Once a week, small lunches with some essentials are given away to the homeless community in San Diego.


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The resources have been handpicked and compiled by yours truly. They are constantly being updated, feel free to send a suggestion! We have resources for immigration, business start-up, sustainability, homelessness, school, mental health, and volunteer ideas.

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We believe all actions matter and can make a great impact on this planet and society.


We create a safe environment to educate and be educated.

Our mission is to hear those that haven't been heard and amplify their voices.

We  hope that we can accomplish this and leave a small positive bit of change that can go on for generations even if this project is forgotten.

Our Mission
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Help in breaking the stigma in the topic of

mental health.

Empower diversity in our local communities. 

Give others the resources to help themselves. 

Create a safe space and leave a positive change.

Make our Mother Nature proud.

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How can you make a difference?

On the resource menu you can find plenty of useful resources you can share, along with an entire list of good deeds available and frequently being updated with more ideas. 

If you're feeling extra generous and have a lot of free time in your schedule, feel more than welcome to check out the volunteering resources, there you can find a couple of organizations that need volunteers.

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